Social Robotics and Human Robot Interaction, being some of the emerging fields with plenty of potential applications, are getting much attention both from scientific community and industry. However, there is a great need to interface and bridge ongoing R&D and innovation in diverse directions, to achieve a wider goal of having socially acceptable robots.

This workshop aims to bring together the experts of this multidimensional and multidisciplinary nature of social robotics. Continuing the success of preceding individual workshops, this year the workshop aims to provide a single and unique platform for discussion on three complementary but important pillars of development of socially acceptable robots: Social Intelligence, Natural Interaction and End User based development.

The workshop will consist of a series of presentations on these aspects followed by a joint panel discussion. The presentations will aim to highlight the statements of interest and need from different stakeholders of the domain. This will build the ground for panel discussion with experts from different backgrounds and with active public participation.


Call for participation

We invite interested people to attend the workshop and contribute in achieving its objective.

The participants will be encouraged to make the sessions interactive. The panel discussion, open to all the participants,  will provide an opportunity to present their opinions, raise issues and suggest solutions and milestones for the roadmap relevant to social robots.

The interesting and important points from the workshop participants will be accumulated in the Workshop Report, which will be produced by the workshop organizers. This report will be made available on the workshop website and to euRobotics. The document is expected to serve in identifying the key issues and applications of social robots and will guide the R&D and innovation in this direction.




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